The right Cloud starts with the Right Team

Cloud computing is a topic that many find confusing. It isn’t, though, as confusing as it sounds. In fact, most of those who claim not to understand the subject are part of the majority that use it daily.

Move to the Cloud With VOffice Online –

Vicore changes the way IT gets delivered! We have developed a new virtualized business solution for small to mid size business that uses new advanced technologies to deliver improved IT solutions to businesses. Our technologies not only reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) but also requires minimum management.

We have packaged a unique and comprehensive enterprise software/system – called VOffice – to provide the ultimate solution that can be customized according to your business’s individual needs and demands.

Our VOffice solution provides Cloud Computing that helps small to mid-sized businesses with a secure critical business solutions, at a highly affordable fixed cost. Our VOffice is a one-stop, virtually turnkey solution to many of the challenges and IT issues faced by your business.

VOffice Online Gives Your Company:
• Secure Enterprise level computing
• 99.9% up-time with high availability
• Mobility: Anywhere, Anytime IT on demand
• Worry free from Security & Virus threats
• Advance Backup & Disaster Recovery
• Business Continuity
• Hosting at Enterprise Professional Data Centers

 The Standard VOffice package includes:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Exchange Messaging & Collaboration
  • Highest Level Security
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Key Benefits of VOffice:

Cost savings: Businesses that move to the cloud can save money on many different levels. IT hardware and software expenditures are cut dramatically, and fewer staff and support resources are needed for IT maintenance.

Improved productivity: If your business demands mobility and flexibility – or you have staff requiring from-home or remote working capability – cloud computing is the solution.  With VOffice your employees can access your network from anywhere, anytime.

Security: Cloud computing can be more secure than traditional IT. Because we are a comprehensive IT solution provider, we can afford you the security of leading security appliances. In addition, the risk of losing confidential data on a laptop or a USB stick is also diminished, as everything is stored in the cloud and not on your devices.

Flexibility to scale: Cloud based “pay as you go” services allow you to easily increase your use of cloud services as your business grows – or even decrease your spending if you need to temporarily scale down.

Improved Business Resiliency: Cloud computing providers not only offer support but also provide the increased resiliency and redundancy afforded by multiple data centers, ensuring that your information is always available. This means that you experience less downtime than when managing IT in-house, and any problems can be solved far quicker by being fixed centrally.