Comprehensive Data Management Solutions –

data-back-upWe understand that your data is your livelihood. Would your company’s current system be able to recover its valuable data if it were lost due to human error, a cyber-attack, or a flood, fire or natural disaster? Would your current system allow you to retrieve or recover priceless information if there were a local or national power grid failure, an act of terrorism or other unexpected loss of access or power outage?

A comprehensive, reliable data back-up and recovery plan is essential to ensuring that data loss and business interruptions doesn’t affect your business’s continuity. At Vicore, we have engineers certified in cloud technologies, security analysis, UTM firewall appliances and data protection. We can design and implement the solution that fits your business needs – so that your data is always protected from loss, disaster or attack and is always recoverable.

Vicore can review your current data management and can provide you the proactive solution for data backup and recovery and business continuity that can help you be sure that your data and applications is available and accessible when you need it.

Individualized Data Management Solutions:

  • Backup & Recovery
  • Data Deduplication
  • Data Encryption