Is your Business Secure? Protect Your Online Presence
Billions of online accounts have been compromised in just the past few years.

You’ve no doubt heard about the lapses in security surrounding Equifax, Target, Sony and many other online giants, but how does that translate to your organization? Are you at risk in the same vectors of attack? There are plenty of threats that exist on the internet that can deliver their malicious payload without any intervention of the attacker. Whether it’s spam mail, malicious attachments or even programs that can scan your network and determine what devices you have attached to your network and what programs they are running, your organization must protect itself and its vital customer information.

Some of the largest breaches to date:

  • LinkedIn, 164,611,595 accounts exposed, including Email Addresses and Passwords
  • Adobe, 152,445,165 accounts exposed, Email Addresses, Passwords and Usernames
  • MySpace, 359,420,698 accounts exposed, Email Addresses passwords and Usernames
  • Yahoo, every single Email account was hacked, at least 3 Billion accounts
Securing your Enterprise through coordinated layers of Security

For the modern business, we can employ multiple layers of security, each with a specific target to help prevent threats in the way they are most effective. There is no single solution that can ensure protection across the entire network so it is important to make sure that you have protection at each possible weak point. Email filtering, Firewalls, dedicated Security appliances and endpoint antivirus software are all designed to ensure a broad range of protection in each role.

The Firewall is the “Front Door” to your network

The first line of defense to an organizations network usually starts at the firewall. Poorly implemented or updated software often will have numerous known or unknown bugs that with the proper attack are exploitable. They can handle all sorts of different methods an attacker may try to steal information or try to overload your network. A firewall can actively scan any network activity coming into our out of your organization and locks down the traffic, preventing malicious software or attackers from taking advantage of a system.

Spam Filters can check email before it is downloaded from the Internet

Determining an exact figure can be difficult, but many security researchers believe that nearly 50% of all email that is sent on the internet every day is some form of spam, whether it’s an advertisement for a product or service, or an attachment designed to infect and compromise a computer. Implementing a spam filter can automatically detect and delete these emails, and even scan the attachments to ensure that your employees aren’t fooled into opening malicious documents posing as an invoice or memo.

Prevent questionable websites and files from being downloaded

With your email secure and Internet connection protected, implementing a security appliance is another piece of the puzzle with network security. Sometimes built into the Firewall, they specialize in filtering out content that shouldn’t be accessed on a business network. They can prevent files from being downloaded, websites from being accessed and even help speed up your internet speed through a process called caching, also known as WAN acceleration. It also lets you help identify specific users’ activity and can help with auditing threats and possible security breaches.

Endpoint Security is the last piece of your Security Solution

With your email and infrastructure secure, the last piece to talk about is antivirus software for your devices such as laptops, servers, desktops and phones. There are many different types of antivirus available, but endpoint security allows you to set security policies across all of your devices, enabling you to choose when your devices scan, as well as logging so that you always know what threats were detected and help stay one step ahead of an outbreak on a network.

Putting it all together

By combining a Firewall, Email Filtering, a Security Appliance and Endpoint Security solutions, you can ensure that your company has complete coverage of all of its weak points. If you are interested in having your company evaluated for any security flaws you may be concerned with, please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.