What Does a Hosted VDI Solution Mean for Small Businesses?

Third-party suppliers deliver virtual desktops to individuals or businesses through a cloud-based solution called hosted VDI. Many firms have chosen VDI solutions for their enterprises because of the benefits of the digital workspace. Many firms considering shifting to cloud-based infrastructure, on the other hand, are terrified by this new technology.

Small and medium-sized firms are attempting to find ways to use VDI technologies in their organizations. Following the COVID-19 incident, the digital workspace trend has risen. People prefer to adopt a Hosted virtual desktop provider because it offers cost savings, agility, and streamlined business goals over having their own IT infrastructure, which is costly and difficult to operate.

Hosted VDI

Hosted VDI is a service that allows service providers to deliver cloud-hosted virtual desktops to users’ end-point devices using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure technology. It distributes software without requiring them to be purchased. The provider virtualizes the desktop and stores all of the programs on the cloud, requiring only an active internet connection.

How Can a Hosted VDI Solution Help a Small Business?

Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from hosted VDI in a variety of ways, including increasing company agility and bringing the best out of their staff through uninterrupted operations and work from anywhere perks.

Nowadays, businesses are saving a lot of money on CapEx by using Hosted VDI services, which eliminate the need for a large IT crew to manage the infrastructure because the provider does it for them.

VDI that is hosted saves money.

Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing models allow businesses to pay only for the services they need. The necessity for in-house IT hardware and physical infrastructure to operate the business is reduced with hosted VDI. Small firms who are on a tight budget and have limited IT management charges can benefit from the savings.

Data Security is Improved with Hosted VDI

Hosted virtual desktop providers use a multi-layered security infrastructure to protect physical data and produce virtual desktops. Multi-factor authentication, antivirus software, end-to-end encryption, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS), access controls, smart policies, and other security features are included.

Controllability is provided by hosted VDI.

The importance of information and data in every organization cannot be overstated. Companies must protect sensitive data from unauthorized users who may cause data loss, both purposefully and accidentally.

Who has access to which data or applications is controlled by hosted VDI providers. Data leakage is extremely unlikely, and firms that require shared data may easily get it.

Hosted VDI Allows Businesses to Be More Agile

Small businesses may operate from anywhere on any device with the help of hosted VDI solutions. The virtual desktop provider makes desktops available on any device, including mobile phones, iPads, and computers. Virtual desktop hosting gives you access to a workspace no matter where you are.

Troubleshooting is easier with a hosted VDI

Less hardware means fewer issues. Businesses that use hosted VDI solutions get a virtual desktop that they can access from anywhere on their devices. Instead of the IT crew visiting individual workstations to fix problems, the hosted VDI provider does all troubleshooting duties from a single location, no matter where you are.

Businesses benefit from hosted VDI since it is environmentally friendly

The most essential argument for all firms to accept hosted VDI is that it is environmentally beneficial. There is less industrial waste in terms of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, which play a big part in depleting the ozone layer and consequently increasing global warming, with fewer infrastructure and hardware devices.

The DRaaS solution is provided by hosted VDI

In the event of a pandemic (Covid-19), an earthquake, or other natural calamity, hosted virtual desktops are critical. When coming to the office is not possible, Disaster Recovery as a Service helps preserve business continuity and retain clients.

Compatible with Hosted VDI

There are no compatibility difficulties because the desktop OS is freely available on any device. Each user is given their own Virtual Machine (VM) that runs their own operating system (OS).

Business Productivity is Boosted by Hosted VDI

Because the cloud-hosted desktop solution relies on a central server, data is always accessible regardless of where you log in. For remote users, this is the most useful feature. It has no negative impact on the company’s goals and objectives. The person can pick up where he left off, increasing the average productivity and efficiency of the job.

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For many firms, 2021 may be a year of transformation. Following COVID-19, many businesses are looking for more flexible ways to work from home, resulting in the creation of Hosted virtual desktops (HVD).

Hosted VDI aids in the transition of increasing or decreasing services without having to invest a lot of money on hardware/software or dedicated servers.